The Alert Message Plugin in action

Discover a simple plugin we’ve just made to display simple informative messages on your e-shop.

The current containment in France forces us to help our merchants in a hurry to display correct messages on their e-shops.

As a matter of fact these messages can change from one day to another: we had to give a proper solution to our merchants.

So we did a Sylius Plugin.
We still have a bunch of merchants using Magento and for them we are doing our best to quickly add this kind of message on their e-shop, but it’s different than Sylius because Magento has the Variables features and we can use that to update the message itself.

This article is about Sylius and a plugin we've made to help merchants.
Sylius is an e-commerce solution developed on Symfony.

For Sylius it’s a bit tricky and it implies developing something or asking your developer to perform the change when it’s really needed and when you, as a merchant, need a fast reaction: your business could depend on it.

That’s why we’ve been working on the Sylius Alert Message Plugin.

This plugin allows you to simply add one or more messages at the top of your e-shop.
It’s a simple CRUD accessible via your admin panel:

Admin of the Sylius plugin Alert Messages by Monsieur Biz

We made a special effort to design this plugin very cleanly, so people could use it to develop the same kind of high-quality application.

During the following weeks, we will improve it by adding more tests.

Please let us know if you use it! We’ll be very glad if it helps more merchants.